Thursday, December 9, 2010

Corrupt cops and Bad news

So I was just checking out the news, and everyone was talking about the same thing. “Female officer caught kissing her married police chief boss in squad car... as burglary suspect slept in the back seat” It was on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CBS, all the news channels. I became enraged, and almost lost my temper about who the news was handling it! They said when they were caught she was fired, and he was allowed to retire with his honor in intact. Now don’t get me wrong letting him off the hook, and punishing her was wrong, but here is the thing. During this whole thing, the chief made a statement in her defense that he had seen a lot of worse things like officers steeling equipment, taking bribes, stealing donation money, and other serious crimes. All the news keeps talking about is how wrong it was that she was fired, and he wasn’t. WHAT THE HELL! You have a police chief talking about dirty corrupt cops getting away with anything they want, and all the news has to talk about is two cops caught making out! Last time I checked the millions of taxes payers including myself don’t give a shit about two cops making out, but they care about cops going around stealing, and breaking the law. I don’t know about you guys, but I am sick, and tired of all the crap! You have the government taking everything you have worked for, Business owners working there employees like slaves taking advantage of the economy, and a bunch of losers going around playing cops, and robber, and all the news has to say about it is it was wrong she was fired! What the hell? Its not just in a few small towns its everywhere! The local police academy that trains all the law enforcement officers in my area is now being investigated for embezzlement. The people that are training the cops our criminals them selves! I think its time Americas take back America! That’s why I started this blog. So lets start here. Get a camera, and when you see a cop sleeping on the side of the road, or a local politician is driving around in a doge viper when the people he represents cant afford food. Take a photo, and lets start righting all the wrongs, and make this country great again.